Hello, my name is Shannon Miller and I’m so glad you found my company! I’d love to help you achieve your diet and nutrition goals.  Here’s a little about myself and why I started SM Nutrition: 

Growing up I was not ever taught the importance of eating nutritious, clean, whole food.  As a matter of fact, most of the food I ate as a child and well into adulthood, was either highly processed out-of-the-box foods or fast foods.  Not nutritious at all!  I thought at the time that they tasted good, but I really didn’t know much back then nor were we ever taught the importance of eating whole foods in reasonable portion sizes.

In my late 20’s I started working at a local natural foods company.  I worked there for 25 years and spent much of that time educating customers and myself about the health benefits of the food we offered.  As a result of the extensive knowledge I gained, I started becoming a little more conscientious of the food I ate and how it made me feel physically and mentally but I still loved to eat and I ate a lot, but then it became me eating both clean, whole foods and not so clean, sugary foods.

Fast forward to when I turned 50.  I had gained some weight over the years and became what I call “fluffy”.  I needed to lose about 30 pounds, and I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure (unfortunately, it runs in my family, but my diet and fitness were not where they needed to be either).  Although I had tried many diets and fitness programs throughout the years and had lost and gained 30 pounds at least 3 different times throughout my life, I just couldn’t seem to do it my own.  I needed some accountability so decided to hire a trainer.  That decision changed my entire life!

In October of 2018 I started training with Nicholas Hammond aka “Nick the Trainer Dude”.  Not only did Nick coach me on my fitness which included weightlifting and cardio, but more importantly he taught me how to eat according to what my body needed…believe it or not, you must eat consistently to lose weight!  He also taught me the importance of tracking my macros and being conscientious of what I ate.  Not only did I lose the 30 pounds, but I was also able to go off my blood pressure meds, I had much more muscle and tone (I did a natural bodybuilding show last year!), my chronic anxiety and depression went away, and more importantly than anything I finally started valuing myself (it took 50 years!).

I’ve always been the type of person who loves to feed people.  It used to be that I loved feeding people cookies and cakes (I love to bake too!).  Now I love feeding people delicious and nutritious food.  Through my knowledge and experience, I’d love to help you too so that you can truly feel what it is like to change your life through the way you eat.