I’m a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor.  I received my certification through the Functional Nutrition Alliance (https://www.fxnutrition.com/).  The Functional Nutrition Alliance was founded by Andrea Nakayama.  Andrea is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Educator, and Speaker who is pioneering the movement to transform healthcare into a system that WORKS.  She believes that the functional nutrition approach is the answer to our healthcare crisis, both for individuals and society at large. 

The main reason why I chose to do my nutrition coursework through the Functional Nutrition Alliance is because of their core philosophy to not only support clients on their health and wellness journey, but to also educate them on what’s going on in their body, what factors may have contributed to their current condition, and how to make uniquely targeted diet and lifestyle modifications that help them to meet their goals.  It’s a whole systems approach.  Instead of just telling clients what they should do, I want to be able to educate them as to why. 

One of my core strengths as an individual is that of Input.  A person with this strength is inquisitive and curious, always on the lookout for new and interesting information.  I believe that having information and sharing that information is a way to build understanding and focus.  If I can help my clients understand and make sense of what is going on inside their bodies and the potential reasons why, then I feel that they are more likely to want to make a change which will ultimately help them have a more healthy, vibrant life. 

“You aren’t just what you eat.  You are what your body can do with what you eat.”

-Andrea Nakayama, Functional Medicine Nutritionist and Founder of the Functional Nutrition Alliance

 I highly recommend listening to Andrea Nakayama’s award-winning podcast, The 15-Minute Matrix (https://www.fxnutrition.com/15-minute-matrix-podcast/).